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Sweet Potato Patties

Serving suggestions: * poached eggs, avocado salsa, coriander and fresh lime * smoked salmon, fresh lemon, spanish onion and rocket * bacon, rocket and tomato relish    

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Open your Mind to Mindfulness

If you read my previous post on HAPPINESS, you would have seen that one of my suggestions for connecting with the present moment was to engage in the practice of mindfulness. In this post, i present you with a simple … Continue reading

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“Cos I’m happyyyyyyy”

What a catchy song, right? Whilst pop music isn’t really my thing, there is something about this song that just penetrates the soul and instantly uplifts. About a fortnight ago, I jumped onto another “pop bandwagon”, the #100happydays phenomenon, where … Continue reading

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Versatile Quinoa

For those who saw my post on Nori Rolls earlier this week, you may have noticed that I said I like to cook up a big batch of quinoa at a time, and then use portions for lots of different … Continue reading

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Is this love…that I’m feeling…or DOING?

I feel so blessed to be able to work daily as a Psychologist with people from all sorts of backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs and life experiences. The two biggest issues people speak to me about are anxiety/depression, and relationship issues. Just … Continue reading

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Nat’s Nori Rolls

Ok I know tofu is contentious, but I do enjoy eating it from time to time. Of course, you can use any filling ingredients whatsoever but below is the recipe for how I made mine. * Ingredients for 6 rolls … Continue reading

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Diets: Dare I Even Try!

  Diet. What a dirty word. Hands up if you have ever “been” on a diet in your lifetime. In fact, we are all on a ‘diet’; in its simplest sense, this represents everything we use to fuel our body, … Continue reading

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Slow cooking for time-poor people

  No doubt about it, we are all busy people. This doesn’t have to mean turning to fast food or packaged products to whip up a nourishing meal for you and your family. A few years ago i invested in … Continue reading

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Cognitive Defusion

  Ever noticed how your thoughts can sometimes seem like actual cold-hard facts and truths about things that happen to us, rather than putting them in their place and recognising they are just a bunch of words strung together based … Continue reading

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Tonight’s secret dinner ingredients: Ras el hanout and Savoury Yeast Flakes

              Tonight i decided to trial a fragrant herb and spice blend i found in a spice store called Gewurzhaus in Melbourne, ‘ras el hanout’, which i believe is Arabic for “head of the … Continue reading

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