Slow cooking for time-poor people



No doubt about it, we are all busy people. This doesn’t have to mean turning to fast food or packaged products to whip up a nourishing meal for you and your family.

A few years ago i invested in a slow cooker, and haven’t looked back. For dinner tonight, i woke up at 7, sliced up a couple of onions and garlic, threw them in the bottom of my slow cooker with half a cup of home-made chicken stock, then whipped up a spice rub (using a pestle and mortar) made of:
* fennel seeds
* cumin seeds
* cayenne pepper
* himalayan rock salt
* pepper
* chilli flakes

I patted down with paper towel the pasture-raised, chemical-free farmed, organic, certified humane-choice free range feather and bone providore rolled pork that we got in our meat tray last weekend, then rolled the spice rub all over before plonking into the slow cooker.

Pop the lid on, turn the slow cooker to high, and set the timer (this one was around $10 from Bunnings) for 8 hours. Today i worked from home, so didn’t require the timer but it is such a handy device to own if you are thinking of venturing down the slow cooking path.

Next, take out the pork, shred using a fork, pop back into the liquid to juice-ify for around 20 minutes, then serve with some roasted pumpkin, steamed green beans, and raw rainbow salad (cabbage, beetroot, and carrot). I use leftovers for soft shell tacos (lettuce cups), salads for work, and toasties for the boyf who is NOT gluten and dairy free.


Let me know if you would like some more inspiration for using a slow cooker.



About psyched4success

"Psyched4Success" encapsulates the 4 foundations for Successful living: Heart - Emotions and Relationships Mind - Psychology and Thinking Body - Physical Health, Movement and Nutrition Spirit - Personal Essence, Values, Goals and Motivation I am a Psychologist with a passion for Holistic Health and Wellness, determined to inspire personal transformation in these foundational areas for success. When i am not working as a Psychologist, Corporate Trainer, and University Tutor, i love spending countless hours in the kitchen creating nutritious organic meals, inspired by a whole foods philosophy, free of gluten, sugar and dairy. I intend to share my creations with you here, as well as my journey from adrenal fatigue to health through my own personal, health, nutrition and lifestyle transformations. I am based in Sydney, Australia, but am an intrepid soul who sets an intention to visit a new destination each year.
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2 Responses to Slow cooking for time-poor people

  1. Kara says:

    I made this last night and it was delicious. I added 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and tobasco 🙂

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