7 lists in 7 days: 7 of my favourite weekend things to do

SSS breakky
**The post-workout reward: breakky!**

1. Exercise in the park with my fit buddies

Every Saturday I meet up with a group of around 8 ladies from my neighbourhood (along with any pets, children and ring-ins) and we perform a circuit-style workout organised by one of the girls (the super-fit pole dancer). My favourite part of our Saturday Sesh is the breakfast afterwards 🙂

2. Catching up with friends over coffee or a green juice

almond milk cold coffee
**A delicious almond milk iced coffee, from Earth to Table in Bondi**

I love heading to Coogee beach where I used to live for a couple of year, and grabbing a drink with my girlfriends. Time passes by so quickly chatting about nothing and everything.

3. Take Charlie for a beach walk or play in the park

**Taking Charlie and his mate Bailey for an outing. Bailey was the instigator of us getting our own dog. We puppy-sat him for a month while his human parents travelled to Canada**

It’s great having a reason to thrown myself into nature…like all dogs, Charlie loves walking and running around in the park. My absolute favourite thing to do with Charlie is collect some of his best doggy friends from the neighbourhood and take them to the park to hang out together and run off lead.

4. Visiting the farmer’s markets

**What a fresh bunch of basil**

I love the smells and colours at the local farmer’s markets. Whilst we do lots of our grocery shopping on-line, I like to save a few things for the kinaesthetic experience that shopping involves. We also like grabbing some lunch from the markets, all organic, local and seasonal.

5. Going on a long bike ride with my partner

**Me and Renee awaiting the start of the Sydney to Wollongong bike ride event**

Whilst I am such a slow and wussy rider compared to my partner, I am getting much more confident and better able at riding further distances. For example, last year I completed the Sydney to Wollongong bike ride (90kms) and survived! My favourite way to ride on the weekends is to pack a picnic in our backpacks and ride somewhere different, stopping at idyllic places for a snack-attack.

During our last overseas vacation to Europe in August 2013, we also made an effort to hire bikes or do bicycle tours in as many cities as possible that we visited, and it was such a fabulous way to get around and see the sights. Some of the areas we rode in were Paris, Berlin, London, Valencia (Spain), Rome, Prague, and Amsterdam (of course). Next year we are planning a cycling trip around New York, can’t wait!

6. Catching a live band or soccer match

seed drumming
**Seed drumming in one of his bands**

My partner is a drummer in many bands, but if happens to have the night off from gigging, we both enjoy catching a live band together at either a local pub or large venue. I really love Aussie music and am lucky to live in Sydney because there are gigs happening all the time.

**Sydney FC**

Our favourite sporting team is Sydney FC, and whenever there is a home game, we are there, sporting our sky blue shirts!

7. Having friends over for dinner

**Last night’s dinner for friends**

Any excuse to cook for people; makes my heart sing. I find it challenging but exciting to think up new recipes that cater to everybody’s dietary requirements, and seeing people leave my home with full and satisfied bellies.

About psyched4success

"Psyched4Success" encapsulates the 4 foundations for Successful living: Heart - Emotions and Relationships Mind - Psychology and Thinking Body - Physical Health, Movement and Nutrition Spirit - Personal Essence, Values, Goals and Motivation I am a Psychologist with a passion for Holistic Health and Wellness, determined to inspire personal transformation in these foundational areas for success. When i am not working as a Psychologist, Corporate Trainer, and University Tutor, i love spending countless hours in the kitchen creating nutritious organic meals, inspired by a whole foods philosophy, free of gluten, sugar and dairy. I intend to share my creations with you here, as well as my journey from adrenal fatigue to health through my own personal, health, nutrition and lifestyle transformations. I am based in Sydney, Australia, but am an intrepid soul who sets an intention to visit a new destination each year.
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