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The Problem with Extremes

I follow lots of health related Facebook and instagram sites, and have noticed recently that many have stepped up the extremes in relation to what and when we should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking, and how we should and … Continue reading

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My Marvellous Mind

Have you ever stopped to contemplate how miraculous your mind is? Here are some incredible things that your mind does for you: 1. Schemas Without you even asking it to, your mind sets up schemas, analogous to a filing system, … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from puppy

1. Throw yourself whole-heartedly into things that bring you joy 2. Find a way to play or do something you love every day: it’s the difference between existing and living 3. Prioritise sleep: it gives you the energy you need … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Saying No

Many people find “no” the most difficult word in the English language to say face‑to‑face.  It is a very important word for several reasons, but the main one is that it empowers us to say “yes” to things that really … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Communicating Assertively

What is Assertiveness? Assertiveness is an emotionally intelligent style of communicating that allows you to express your needs, wants, feelings and requests without trampling on the needs, wants, feelings and requests of others. Why should I be assertive? Assertiveness is … Continue reading

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Natural Mood Enhancers

Depression is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide.   Common symptoms of depression include: Depressed mood most of the day Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once deemed enjoyable Significant weight changes without dieting Difficulties with sleeping (too little … Continue reading

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Crunchy Summer Rolls

I’m a big fan of salad for lunch, but even I can get a little bored from time to time with the same old salad. I decided to spice things up a little the other day, and made myself some … Continue reading

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Welcoming Worry

Why do we worry? We all worry. Our brains are hard wired from an evolutionary perspective to protect us from danger, so in this way our worry does serve to protect us. But let’s pause and conduct a reality check … Continue reading

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Super Easy Superfood Smoothie

Around two months ago, I joined a martial arts school in my local area that offers both tai chi and kung fu.  I am absolutely loving training again, but I find that I need a snack to tie me over … Continue reading

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Happiness Now!

What’s the one thing you could be doing to enhance your happiness right now? For me, it is to consciously get to bed by 10pm tonight. I have had a few late nights this week and can feel the impact … Continue reading

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