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Do yourself a favour – get to Ghost Hill Road!

I have just returned from a blissful weekend away at Ghost Hill Road retreat in Bilpin, just shy of 2 hours’ drive from Sydney.  I am feeling super relaxed and grateful for the experience, and so decided to honour this … Continue reading

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National Psychology Week

The 9th – 15th of November marks National Psychology Week (NPW) in Australia. What is the objective of NPW?  From the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website: “The focus for National Psychology Week 2014 this year will be helping Australians to … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from puppy

1. Throw yourself whole-heartedly into things that bring you joy 2. Find a way to play or do something you love every day: it’s the difference between existing and living 3. Prioritise sleep: it gives you the energy you need … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Communicating Assertively

What is Assertiveness? Assertiveness is an emotionally intelligent style of communicating that allows you to express your needs, wants, feelings and requests without trampling on the needs, wants, feelings and requests of others. Why should I be assertive? Assertiveness is … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Empathy

Empathy. A seemingly straight-forward word elucidating images of a person reaching out to console their friend who has just received bad news, a counsellor nodding her head in agreement with a statement made regarding the injustice of losing her job, … Continue reading

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You think learning is hard, try un-learning!

Last week i decided to join a martial arts gym, after having a hiatus from most forms of structured physical activity for around 9 months to help my body recover from adrenal fatigue. I was so excited to find a … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Understanding Emotions

Daniel Goleman first wrote about Emotional Intelligence (EI) in his 1995 book “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ”. The two keys to EI are: 1) Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, and behaviour; 2) Understanding others, and … Continue reading

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