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Become Mindful4Life with me!

Today marks the start of my favourite “challenge”- Mindful In May (MIM).  This will be the third time I have participated in MIM and the benefits for me have been noticeable, significant and sustained. For example, I find it much … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from puppy

1. Throw yourself whole-heartedly into things that bring you joy 2. Find a way to play or do something you love every day: it’s the difference between existing and living 3. Prioritise sleep: it gives you the energy you need … Continue reading

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Welcoming Worry

Why do we worry? We all worry. Our brains are hard wired from an evolutionary perspective to protect us from danger, so in this way our worry does serve to protect us. But let’s pause and conduct a reality check … Continue reading

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Happiness Now!

What’s the one thing you could be doing to enhance your happiness right now? For me, it is to consciously get to bed by 10pm tonight. I have had a few late nights this week and can feel the impact … Continue reading

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