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Emotional intelligence series: Unlocking your realm of influence

As many of my loyal readers would know by now, I work as a Psychologist for most days of the week.  Part of my role involves providing support to employees of various organisations around Australia, for any work-related or personal … Continue reading

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Welcoming Worry

Why do we worry? We all worry. Our brains are hard wired from an evolutionary perspective to protect us from danger, so in this way our worry does serve to protect us. But let’s pause and conduct a reality check … Continue reading

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Happiness Now!

What’s the one thing you could be doing to enhance your happiness right now? For me, it is to consciously get to bed by 10pm tonight. I have had a few late nights this week and can feel the impact … Continue reading

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Sharing a feel-good moment

Today I did something that forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. I decided to offer a “wellness snippet” presentation to my colleagues, relating to the Health Coaching course that I am studying at the Institute for Integrative … Continue reading

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Values-Based Living

Remember the movie “The Titanic”? Well this post has nothing to do with that movie except I am going to use the analogy of an iceberg to talk about values-based living, so it would be useful if you could generate … Continue reading

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Emotions: Energy in MOTION

Emotions – Energy in MOTION   Many clients report difficulties sitting with certain emotions they experience, particularly those yucky negative ones like fear, anger, sadness, guilt and loneliness. Their instinctive response to these tends to be to avoid, withdraw from, … Continue reading

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Cognitive Defusion

  Ever noticed how your thoughts can sometimes seem like actual cold-hard facts and truths about things that happen to us, rather than putting them in their place and recognising they are just a bunch of words strung together based … Continue reading

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