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Is Adrenal Fatigue At The Root Cause Of Your Health Problems?

By Joanna Rushton, Energy Coaching Institute In 1998 Adrenal Fatigue was labelled “The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by Adrenal Expert Dr. James Williams.  Today it is a condition that 96% of my clients present with and often unknowingly. Our energy and … Continue reading

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Redefining Health

I previously believed that “health” was a destination, a number on the scales, my ability to obsessively restrict calories, a particular size of clothing that I could squeeze into, the amount of gym sessions I could pack into one week. … Continue reading

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Creepy Coffee

Being a Psychologist, I love conducting scientific experiments, and my favourite test subject is me. Today, I put coffee to the test, or should that be, coffee put me to the test! Prior to being diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction in … Continue reading

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Putting the SELF before the CARE

  I had a realisation this week. I’m not as great at self-care as I thought I was.   Lately, I have been kept very busy at work delivering a range of health and wellbeing programs to different workplaces all … Continue reading

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