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Do yourself a favour – get to Ghost Hill Road!

I have just returned from a blissful weekend away at Ghost Hill Road retreat in Bilpin, just shy of 2 hours’ drive from Sydney.  I am feeling super relaxed and grateful for the experience, and so decided to honour this … Continue reading

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An Ode to Italy

I love Italy. I have holidayed there four times, and find myself missing the place, as if it was my home. During one vacation, I stayed in a luxurious 14th Century castle on a large Tuscan estate, with vineyard and … Continue reading

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Apple, Coconut & Almond Crumble

Happy 2015 everybody!  I’d taken a short hiatus from blogging to relax and wind down over the Christmas period, but I’m back now and ready to share new recipes, health tips and psychological insights with you al. This recipe was … Continue reading

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Crunchy Creamy Ice Cream

It has been a hot sticky Sydney Summer so far. Weather like this makes me crave something cold and yummy! I was craving ice cream over the weekend and didn’t have any available. I decided to whip up this creamy … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Beef Stew

This slow cooked meal is succulent, full of flavour, and really hearty.   I have included a recipe below for leftovers which is delicious! I had plenty of leftovers so decided to place the stew on the bottom of a smaller … Continue reading

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Mango Ice Pops

  Summer is here down under, and we are expecting a scorching season! I was shocked to see what types of nasty ingredients were in an innocent looking ice block, including colours, preservatives, and other unpronounceables, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Natural Mood Enhancers

Depression is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide.   Common symptoms of depression include: Depressed mood most of the day Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once deemed enjoyable Significant weight changes without dieting Difficulties with sleeping (too little … Continue reading

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Crunchy Summer Rolls

I’m a big fan of salad for lunch, but even I can get a little bored from time to time with the same old salad. I decided to spice things up a little the other day, and made myself some … Continue reading

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Super Easy Superfood Smoothie

Around two months ago, I joined a martial arts school in my local area that offers both tai chi and kung fu.  I am absolutely loving training again, but I find that I need a snack to tie me over … Continue reading

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Spicy Garlicky Prawns

  Lately I have been spending fewer hours in the kitchen and more time at the gym doing Kung Fu and Tai Chi training.  This has meant that of an evening when I return home, I need something quick and … Continue reading

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