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The Problem with Extremes

I follow lots of health related Facebook and instagram sites, and have noticed recently that many have stepped up the extremes in relation to what and when we should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking, and how we should and … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from puppy

1. Throw yourself whole-heartedly into things that bring you joy 2. Find a way to play or do something you love every day: it’s the difference between existing and living 3. Prioritise sleep: it gives you the energy you need … Continue reading

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Health for every BODY

My mission is to empower women to take the best care of their mind and body by encouraging food and lifestyle choices that improve their mood, increase their energy, enhance their body image satisfaction, and allow them to be the … Continue reading

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Redefining Health

I previously believed that “health” was a destination, a number on the scales, my ability to obsessively restrict calories, a particular size of clothing that I could squeeze into, the amount of gym sessions I could pack into one week. … Continue reading

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Intuitive Eating

I’m writing this post as I eat crunchy peanut butter off a teaspoon and I’m not even feeling guilty about it. In the past, I’ve been a victim of dichotomising food into good and bad, or healthy and evil, which … Continue reading

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Diets: Dare I Even Try!

  Diet. What a dirty word. Hands up if you have ever “been” on a diet in your lifetime. In fact, we are all on a ‘diet’; in its simplest sense, this represents everything we use to fuel our body, … Continue reading

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