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Redefining Health

I previously believed that “health” was a destination, a number on the scales, my ability to obsessively restrict calories, a particular size of clothing that I could squeeze into, the amount of gym sessions I could pack into one week. … Continue reading

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Boosting Happiness

Positive psychology, or the science of happiness, is not just the latest trend in magazines and television shows, it is a scientific discipline based on years of empirical research. For example, research has shown: • Optimists are much less likely … Continue reading

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Get in the habit of Change

  How many times have you heard yourself say “I really need to change X?” or “I should be doing Y differently?” Or maybe you can relate to this scenario – it’s New Year’s Eve and you are talking with … Continue reading

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Values-Based Living

Remember the movie “The Titanic”? Well this post has nothing to do with that movie except I am going to use the analogy of an iceberg to talk about values-based living, so it would be useful if you could generate … Continue reading

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