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Crunchy Creamy Ice Cream

It has been a hot sticky Sydney Summer so far. Weather like this makes me crave something cold and yummy! I was craving ice cream over the weekend and didn’t have any available. I decided to whip up this creamy … Continue reading

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Perfectly imperfect

I’ve been working on being less perfect lately. Of course I’m being silly, I’m nowhere near perfect, but this hasn’t stopped me from striving for perfectionism in the past. For example, I recently obtained 97% on a test that I … Continue reading

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Health for every BODY

My mission is to empower women to take the best care of their mind and body by encouraging food and lifestyle choices that improve their mood, increase their energy, enhance their body image satisfaction, and allow them to be the … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Series: Empathy

Empathy. A seemingly straight-forward word elucidating images of a person reaching out to console their friend who has just received bad news, a counsellor nodding her head in agreement with a statement made regarding the injustice of losing her job, … Continue reading

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Using the Health Belief Model for Change

Last week i facilitated a worksop on building resilience. I found it ironic that the majority of participants chose to fuel their minds and bodies throughout the day with biscuits, ciggies, mentos lollies, packets of crisps, fried food for lunch, … Continue reading

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You think learning is hard, try un-learning!

Last week i decided to join a martial arts gym, after having a hiatus from most forms of structured physical activity for around 9 months to help my body recover from adrenal fatigue. I was so excited to find a … Continue reading

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